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Joy of Giving (Episode 2) with Sanjay Sehgal, CEO & Founder Msystechnologies.
Our guest in this Episode is Sanjay Sehgal who is not only a successful business entrepreneur but also a “heartful” human.
Our host Darshan P. Kaur had a very spontaneous discussion with Sanjay and got a completely different viewpoint on the subject of joyful giving.
Regarding our guest for this episode -
Sanjay is a Technology Entrepreneur, Global Businessman, Startup Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Philanthropist, Heartful Human, a meditation instructor and a self-development enthusiast who has taught meditation techniques to thousands of people as a part of his own self-development journey.

He holds two technical patents and has a 28-year successful record of building businesses in which founded and co-founded several companies, including iVivity and Scentric.