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Vijay and Neera Nikore : Why is that my all time favorite song ? (Valentine Special)
After living in CA, IL, OH and IN, Vijay and Neera Nikore have made Peachtree Corners their home for the past 35 years, and after all the moves, they are still young at heart. Neera enjoys cooking, playing tennis, card games and is avid player of Brain Games. Vijay enjoys writing poetry and philosophy of life. His works have been published in well known publications like Hindustan Times, Dharmyug, Aajkal, Kalpana, etc. His 2 poetry books have been published, ( a) बहता है दर्द and ( b) दर्द के दायरे . These are available at Flipcart and Vijay and Neera both share love for nature, hikes, birds, spiritual reading, classical music and ballet, playing Bridge, museums, and teaching children at Bal Vihar. Notable is Vijay's recitation of his poetry as he looks lovingly into his dear Neera 's eyes as he reads.
Vijay and Neera both are practical Vedantists for decades. Volunteering at schools and nursing homes is their passion.